Promote Your Company to 800 Viewers Every Day!

We focus on each and every business attracting sales and leads growing each and every company we work with.

How do we market for you?

We go the old fashion route… we get your ad or sales pitch to a prospect right into their hands! This sure is still a very effective marketing technique. We will asses each business model/product or service and drive targeted traffic to your website.

How many do we distribute?

We can  distribute up to 800 flyers daily for your business!

How much does it cost?

$.05 to distribute (per flyer)

$5 to make (per 100 flyers)

Pricing does not compare to the average advertising agency. We charge $.05 cents per house/apartment calculating out to only $80 for 800 viewers…

Yes that’s right, we will print, cut, and distribute 800 flyers for only $80!

Distributing flyers daily at such a low price can put a HUGE impact in any business. We also offer creating and printing custom flyers at your choice.

Sales ratio: Every 200 flyers  = 1-3 sales.

Where do we distribute?

We are located in Longmont CO. We distribute in Denver (surrounding areas), Boulder (surrounding areas), and Ft Collins (surrounding areas).

Order though email or phone, and well start distributing tomorrow!
 – Dillon Dean  – 720-597-5806